Paying Your Student Loans With Your Credit Card

Nowadays, it is very difficult to pay for college. Back in 1998, when I started at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I didn’t get a full scholarship to attend. So like every student in the US, I had to apply for student loans. By the end of graduate school, I owed about 30,000 dollars. Which isn’t a lot compared to other college graduates out there. So after getting a job, I started paying them monthly, but the interest rate was really high. On one loan I had a variable interest rate of 8 % and on the other loan I had an interest rate of 5.8% fixed.

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Which Capital One Card Is Good for Me?

Capital One is one of the leading providers of Visa cards in the world. Fortune Magazine ranked Capital One number four on their list of America’s most admired companies for consumer credit. Capital One offers a variety of different cards for business owners, students, people with poor or damaged credit, and people with excellent credit.

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How Are Capital One Credit Cards?

Capital One, they contend, is simply aiming to maximize fee income from debtors who may be less sophisticated and who may not have many options because of their credit history. By offering several cards with low limits, instead of one with a larger limit, the odds are increased that cardholders will exceed their limits, garnering over-limit fees. Capital One’s banking division is a relatively superior franchise, and most of its income is from the U.S. I think that once Capital One turns the corner and gets back on a growth track, the market will reward it with a much richer multiple.

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